Silicon Analytics Inc. (SAI) is an EDA tool company developing a suite of proprietary power optimization tools for standard cell designs through pTunerOPUS™.

Based in San Jose, CA, with satellite support in Austin, TX, our Team at SAI is a dedicated group of seasoned veterans from the EDA industry bringing decades of design experience to pTunerOPUSTM.

Our Team

Lars Swanson – CEO : Mr. Swanson is also President/Principal of Swan Capital, LLC, an early-stage consulting and investing company focused on innovative technology businesses. Mr. Swanson was Co-founder and CFO of Fusion Media Group, LLC, a venture-backed acquirer of media assets. He was Chairman of SkyCross, Inc., a global provider of high-performance antennae to wireless OEMs. The previous 15 years, Mr. Swanson was in the Global Private Equity Group of Bank of America investing over $200 million in both later-stage and venture capital investments in a broad variety of media and technology companies. B.S. Duke University.
Vojin Oklobdzija – President & CTO : Dr. Oklobdzija is an internationally recognized industry and academic expert in low power IC design. He was a major contributor to the first RISC processor, developed by IBM, first super-scalar microprocessor IBM RS/6000, Siemens/Infineon, Tri-core processor and two encryption processors. He is Emeritus Professor of the University of California where he trained a generation of successful young researchers. Prof. Oklobdzija has over 200 publications, 6 books and 15 patents to his credit. He has also served as President of IEEE Circuits and Systems Society and a Life Fellow of IEEE.
Vishal Nawathe – Senior Design Engineer : Mr. Nawathe’s academic projects at State University of New York (SUNY), Stony Brook, included working on a petaflops processor and MIPS processor pipeline generation. He has worked as a Systems Developer at Makro Technologies Inc. working on commerce pipelines using the JAVA-ATG platform. He spent the next three years working on his PhD at University of Texas, Dallas and New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, teaching embedded systems as well as research in ACSEL lab for various power and performance projects. Mr. Nawathe has multiple published papers and review articles. He is currently concluding his PhD requirements. M.S. SUNY Stony Brook.

Mustafa Aktan – Senior Design Engineer : Dr. Aktan spent four years in University of Texas, Dallas and New Mexico State University, Las Cruces as a postdoctoral research fellow working on low power design methodologies for digital circuits. His areas of expertise include ADC design, standard cell timing and power as well as layout generation. For the past five years he has been working on high speed ADC system design and has been a principal developer on pTunerOPUSTM for digital circuit design.
Raul Composano – Director : Dr. Raúl Camposano is the CEO of Sage. He was previously the CEO of Nimbic, a startup that was acquired by Mentor Graphics in 2014. From 1994 to 2007 he was with Synopsys, where he served as Chief Technology Officer, Senior Vice President, and General Manager. Prior to joining Synopsys, Raúl was a Director for the German National Research Center for Computer Science, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Paderborn, and a Research Staff Member at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. Raúl holds a B.S and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Chile, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe. He has published more than 70 articles and three books on Electronic Design Automation.
Brent Waller – Director : Mr. Waller is currently CEO of Conidae Investments personally investing in projects and technologies over the past nineteen years that include oil and gas, software, hardware, retail assets, media assets and commercial real-estate. He spent the previous seven years with a Forbes 100 private family investment office, investing in similar opportunities.  Mr. Waller is also Managing Partner in PetroH2O Capital investing in water infrastructure projects and technologies in North America.
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